Can somebody review this

I’ve played some games and Ithink it would really help me if somebody rewievs this.
The game went pretty well at the beginning (I think) but I lost anyway.
I hope somebody could point out my mistakes.
here is the link:
I was black and I hope somebody wants to rewiev this.

I see some problems with holding your shape together (and challenging your opponent’s) in local terms. More than anything else, perhaps, this is one of the easiest areas where you could improve.

I’ve reviewed with the aim of showing you the natural shape moves in a number of places. Sometimes there are tactical reasons why the natural shape is wrong, but because it is right most of the time (and pretty okay almost always) these kinds of moves need to come to the foreground of your mind more often.

One thing I might recommend is playing a number of small-board games with non-beginners (12k or stronger, say). You will probably lose due to local shape problems, but because the board is small you will have an easier time of seeing cause and effect and adapting your play to make stronger, more efficient shape that isn’t cut where you don’t want it to be cut. When you can do that it will be easier to talk about strategy and some opening choices (for instance of corner joseki) will be easier to think through.

If you have to, you might just grab one of the server’s 12k bots and play 10-20 9x9 games (with no more than 30s per move), trying to figure out why you lose badly when you lose badly. This review will hopefully set you forward a few paces but my feeling is that you probably still need to spend some time getting comfortable with the local tactics, the battle to cut/connect and to expand the reach of your groups. It’s harder to learn this when you only play other beginners who haven’t mastered tactics in this very local sense.

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Thank you for the review.
It’s very helpfull. I’ll try to respond properly the next time I come across an one stone attachment.
Oh, and thanks for the tip, I will go and play some of those games.

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You’re welcome. People sometimes present the ways of getting reasonable connectivity between two stones as the atomic unit of shape, but equally important are the face-off situations where you swap one of the two stones for an opposing color. Just as the diagonal and the 2 stone pillar are very solid connections, the shoulder hit and the direct attachment form the basis of fairly aggressive face-offs. When the stones are close and relatively unsupported, it’s very easy for the next move to strongly affect both nascent groups, if it is played close enough to the action.

Especially since your rank may be changing over the next few months, try to give rank information next time you request a review in the forums. This makes it easier for prospective reviewers and also makes it easier to search the archives for reviews of an appropriate level.