Can someone review my game? vs bot

I think I could’ve won if I took line seven

you lost 90 times in a row
You need to choose less hard opponents. Or you will learn nothing.
Or take handicap stones and decrease number of handicap stones if you win.

okay thanks I will try handicaps

I think a review of this game is not very useful.

  • play real people, not bots
  • play people who are more or less in your league (20-25k)
  • play 9 x 9 or 13 x 13, but certainly not 19 x 19 (on smaller boards it is easier to learn, strategy is less important, but fighting and maintaining territory the more)
  • try to find your weak points in playing, and then ask for a review,

If you are a little further in your development, I will gladly do a teaching game with you.

I played some tournaments and people my level and lost anyway
was wondering how I could win this one
I thought if I was losing either way might try learning from a higher game
I don’t think those games showed up on the overall

I have played real people in my league and also have done 9x9 and 13x13 just wanted to play a bot
Oh @Atorrante I have played you in a tournament

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Hi Kano, nice game anyway but yes you didn’t stand a chance, that bot is far too strong at your level.
It’s normal to lose many games when trying to become better at go, we all went through this. @ckersch made a extended review of your game that you can enjoy.

If you have fun to play on the big board 19x19, do it. Most important is that you keep having fun and play a lot, trying many moves. Try to remember which ideas you have when you chose moves and check if it worked. have fun!

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Thank you sometimes I forget what strategy to use

thanks it worked out