Can someone review my game? vs ELOtest

I felt pressure of white taking my space at the bottom
and would I be able to take whites space on the side.


This article may help you.

Before you get all red in the ears, hear me out. Have you ever tried to build (or thought about building) a fence? As the article says, you start by planning where the fence will go, then you position the fence posts, attach rails to the fence posts and attach pickets to the rails.

Who cares? You should. Go is a game of fencing off territory. When you plop stones down on the board, you’re building part of your fence—various fences, in fact. Each fence encircles some territory. And there’s a right way and a wrong way to build fences in Go. Right now you’re building your fences more like this:

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That may work in video games, but it doesn’t work well in Go. Instead of building your fences one stone at a time, placing each stone next to another stone, you should jump out with your stones. Spread them out as far as you dare, and fill in the gaps later.

Here’s a couple of Sensei’s articles if you prefer something Go-related:


That’s feelings I can understand. Trying to answer you in a short way, the sure thing it’s going to be impossible for you to get anything from the right side white territory. Even with a lot of luck (if the bot play very poorly).
For the matter of your bottom area, big chance are it will stay as yours, although there is still a little bit to discuss on the left side.
Welcome on OGS and don’t be shy to play humans too we have a nice community with players of every kind of strength in go here, I am sure many of us will be delighted to play a game with you.


I get carried away sometimes with comments in a review - partly because I’m trying to learn something from it too :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully you can find something useful in there from me :slight_smile:

I second mark’s link to Haengma - basically ways to keep stones connected to each other. I think this is a good first step, some moves are faster than others because you can ‘jump’ further, and some moves are more solid. (I think I point out a couple of these in the review too at points)


so it is preferable not to have dragons?
if so can you explain why? thanks
I know it’s less effective
but are there any other disadvantageous

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