Can someone solve this Corner?

White has the first move, kill black unconditionally. This was a problem I just faced( here, if you want to see the entire game).

I don’t think you can kill. Playing on either side is miai. You can force black to live small, though.

Mind you, I am nowhere near any high rank, but I think you could get a weak ko out of this at best. Blocking s14 seems natural, but your q19 at move 98 was very weak. T18 would have been much stronger attack… However, black seems to have enough liberties, to live even so.

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If you want to kill you need to enclose it in first. So S14
Then black will probably try to make maximum eyespace with R18.
You take the vital point with T18

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Move 98 P17, followed by Q19 makes no sense at all, even for a 17k like me. It’s that nasty empty triangle at the worst location possible. I keep making those damn things everywhere … I know how bad they are. lol.

But if you do play Q19, you can still save B with painful crawl on S (second line)

Unless B makes some seriously stupid moves, I think you cant kill it and W got way bigger moves all over the board so why even bother.

It can be killed. Someone posted the variations in the game link

Why not try to kill it if you cannot read it but your moves are certainly sente? How will you learn when you can kill?