Can supporters have more than two groups?

Can the site supporters own more then two groups?
I am a teacher and I would like to create groups for my different classes, but with the current limit this can’t be done…
I have been wanting to be a supporter for some time now, but since is a complete pain to do so(have tried several times and encountered bothersome errors with the payment systems) I never really got to do so. But if I can own more then two groups I would make another attempt…

That’s interesting, I would really like to know what kinds of errors you’ve been having so I can get that fixed. That’s a great reason to be able to create a lot of groups, I’ll do something to enable that, site supporter or no. (I need to update the software so it will be a few days.)


In the meantime, if you would prefer to start on your groups right away, PM me what names you would like (please make sure they are avilable) and I can create the groups and transfer ownership to you as a workaround :slight_smile:


This, seems to happen to me too.



It confused me too, but after further deliberation I think anoek was in fact referring to the aforementioned payment problems with that question about errors.

Being able to have only 2 groups was a deliberate decision, not an unexpected error. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I was indeed talking about the payment errors, sorry it was like 2am when I wrote that :sweat_smile:


Hahaha i’m sorry xD
I thought you were talking error message regarding on group creation >___<

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Me too lol

Semi-related… can we delete groups somehow? I’ve got a “Secret Test Lab” I never got around to using. :sweat_smile:

go to the group > click the upper right “edit” pencil > click the big red delete button.

screenshot tutorial for $0.5


Most of times when I clike on the blue pay with a credit card button it would freeze and not lead anywhere.
And the few times It generated the pop up payment screen after I put my data in and hit ok it gave me an error 500

Just did another try and once more error 500

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