Can’t access private puzzle on tablet

I’m unaware of any method to directly open puzzles in my private collection. I know a slightly circuitous method: open a particular collection, click ‘edit’ on one of the puzzles from the collection, and from the edit screen I am somehow able to (I can’t remember the specifics, not at a desktop ATM) start playing through the puzzles.

I am unable to use this method on my tablet. Tapping the edit button does nothing, and I cannot long press to bring up the menu where I can select “open in background” (i.e. a new tab). I have tried using Safari, Firefox, and Brave. OS and browsers are up to date.

Maybe our puzzle expert may help @Atorrante

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I’ve tried making them public so I can find them in the public list. From there I can jot down the puzzle number from the URL so I can directly access them. For some reason when I make one of my puzzle collections public I can find it in the public list, but when I click on it I get an error saying “Puzzle not found”. I can just grab it next time I’m at a desktop, but this is an additional strange behaviour I just found.

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