Can’t understand why I lost

Hey sorry for the probably very beginner question but I was playing this game and I thought I was going to win according to my count but then the entire right side of the board which I thought I had didn’t count as my territory. I would like any insight as I thought the two white stones on the right were dead.

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That’s a win for (white) edit: black and there is a big mistake in the counting. When you don’t agree with the proposed result, you can mark the white stones as dead by clicking on them before validation.

Now only thing you can do is ask an admin for annulation of the game if you wish so.

In case of trouble again next time you can call for a moderator via the button in the same page as the game (before validating).

Black score 17+7
White score 17+4+3.5
White wins by 0.5

Edit (I forgot 2 more white prisoners for black)
Black 17+7+2

Black wins by 1.5 (Japanese rules)


This seems like a case that the new score estimator gets completely wrong:

Interestingly, if you play it out, killing the white stones, it gets even worse:

I count 39 white points and therefore 42 black points on the board. With 3.5 komi, even considering the +1 from the handicap bug, how does that add up to W+10.2?


I think you did not count the two dead white stones still on the board as prisoners.

Black: 17 territory + (7+2) prisoners = 26 points
White: 17 territory + 4 prisoners + 3.5 komi = 24.5 points
Black wins by 1.5


I did count them but I missed 2 other ones…
So ok your count is right

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Under Chinese rules it would be a White win. However, Black passed three extra times but played last, so I think he ends up with an extra 2 points in Japanese rules.

Japanese rules:

territory 17 17
prisoners 9 4
komi 0 3.5
total 26 24.5

Chinese rules:

area 42 39
komi 0 3.5
total 42 42.5

Still don’t see how you can count it as W+10.


I would be surprised if the OP don’t get a bit confused , sorry for my contribution on this.

Well now even more if considering the misbehaving of the SE!

And your count seems accurate as I did count that white victory under Chinese rules before.


Thank you all for the prompt response. I really do appreciate it.

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@anoek Score estimator bug?