Can we add the IAGA to the "Choose your association list"?

Do you think you could add the IAGA to the Association list? I have an account and it would be nice to submit it to my profile :grin:

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IAGA stands for International Artificial Intelligence Go Association.

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I know. And I am an 7k in their Go app. Like GoQuest, I have a rank and it would be nice to have that shown on my profile. I am sure there have to be others like myself who feel this way and desire what I do :face_with_monocle:

I know you know, but I didn’t and assumed that there were more people like me who were wondering what IAGA meant.


Ah. Well hopefully everyone is happy!

Can we consider it as an association?

I mean since 1998 the only program recognized is crazy stones which is the produce of the same company.
Not that i want to be rude It’s nice to have a (partially) free software with a (partially) free level evaluation by the same company.


No one else has responded. Why?!!

It had been 10 hours? People don’t live on the forum, and there are probably not even that many people who have an opinion to offer. For example, I don’t even think I’ve ever seen the dropdown you’re referring to.

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My response: this isn’t a real go association but a marketing gimmick of a company that makes a go app. So it shouldn’t be an option.


What?! I doubt they would call themselves an official organization without fallback of some sort. And why not have it? Plus, their app is awesome and filled with really good AI.

I beg to differ ^_-

A bit of contradiction in here. How official are they?

(from the website)
we will plan online events and official tournaments for our members

Really? Did that ever happen?

Why have it? How credible is a ranking not explained somewhere, given with a few 9x9 games against one bot only for some of its users?

Besides what information is this ranking when It’s so easy to let an external help play for you?

You can write it in your profile for sure. (Maybe add a few words like "played by myself ")

Yep on that side, i agree. One of the good AI when training for reaching a dan level.

Apps certified : their app ONLY :joy:

What a joke, knowing how many new (and stronger, better )software were created
Let’s think about it.
Even if there could be more as a marketing gimmick in it (?) well they look already outdated.
Which concurrence will come and submit its own product for validation under their authority?

To be considered as an association they should be more as just themselves, that they have a proper existence as when i read that assoc. website i feel to be on the company website.

Where is the difference? Just promises.
Where are the people who should have joined? What did they do more as a company objective?
I completely agree with @Uberdude

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I think the title organization is not a legal term and therefore can be used by anyone for anything. To be official, you either just have to register your “organization”, just announce your existence, or not even this, depending on the used meaning of " official".

If this is the official website of that organization, there is no way mentioned to become a member of the organization. There is also no information how to get your own software certified, nor what it means to be certified.

This is just a marketing stunt.
To quote thir website (which doesn’t seem to have any subpages btw)

We are developing top-class Artificial Intelligence Board Games for iOS/Android smartphones, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch™ and Sony PlayStation®4, and have great experience in AI-based board games.

Sounds just like a (software) company.


Can we add the UGA to the ‘Choose you association list’? That’s the Uberdude Go Association, in case you didn’t know. Here is our official website: Uberdude Go Association at Sensei's Library

By the way @Groin is a 6d in the UGA, awarded for his tireless work in this thread.


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