Can we upgrade please? (Done)

New discourse versions are a bit more different than is usual for them. I am not at all sure it’s an improvement, but nothing is worse than using multiple discourse sites, each with a different version and thus substantial UI difference. I think you understand.



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I recently got the power to be able to do this (or I think I can) … the only other person being anoek.

I’ll go and look for the right buttons and see what happens…

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… I pressed the buttons.

It now says “you are up to date”.

I can’t say that I can notice any difference though…


I don’t notice a difference either. I remember noticing a difference when the menu moved around but that was a few months ago I think.

I wonder if @genbeart is noticing some plugins on other sites?


What a heavenly life you must have!


Maybe just some different settings?

Whenever I join a new Discourse forum, I open my OGF settings page in another window, place both windows side by side, and copy my OGF settings to the new forum.


Different tolerances for different kinds of pain, I guess. I exaggerated only a little, seriously. It is driving me nuts.

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But it’s done!! Yay! Thank you!

@benjito , only hardcore keyboardists like me will notice the difference. x r is (or was) the most frequent shortcut I used. Now it’s gone (which is why I said “not sure an improvement”), and replaced with a more complex but marginally more flexible interface where you toggle a selection mode with Shift + b, select a bunch with x, and then expunge the selected items with Shift + d.


Well in that case, glad we could help :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(And very relieved the forum didn’t crash to a halt after I pressed that button :sweat_smile: )