Can you add images to username?

Does anyone know how to add a image to your username? is it through html?


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thanks smurph ^_^, so If I have the unicode code for the emoji I want, do I just type that, or do I have to insert it using html?

Yes. No.

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Oh, I’d wish you wouldn’t do that.

if I were to decide, I’d completely disable this here. Makes it much more difficult to address/tag somebody. I find all those other special Unicode characters problematic enough already in usernames.

(Note: I do use Unicode special characters and Emoji otherwise all the time, it’s not that I’m totally against them.)


yes, I kinda just realized what a pain in the it is to log in each time now… but I have 30 days until I can change it again :-/



If you give us a link to your profile (couldn’t find it by searching for “oopsImStoned”) then we can change it back to something that makes sense.

Would also be nice then if you also tell us to what you want us to change it to (something that makes sense, please :wink: )