Can you be eliminated in Round 1 of the Meijin Main Title Tournament 2019

Just looking at the type of tournament, it’s a Simultaneous mcmahon. I still don’t really know what all of the types of tournaments are, but looking at previous years, it looks like players get split into subgroups and then play a round robin type thing, play everyone in your group.

Can people get knocked out of the tournament in the first round (of 3)? The main reason I’m asking this is that I’d like to give the tournament a try, just because it’d be a bunch of games against probably different strength players - but - given that it looks like the 2017 and 2018 tournaments haven’t finished yet, I don’t think I’d like to still be playing the same tournament games in 2021, unless of course I was actually doing well and qualifying round to round.

Or will you actually progress to the next round simply because of the amount of people to timeout in the first round?

I’m just curious because there might be a point where’d I’d like to resign out of the tournament otherwise and not sure if this just counts as a loss against all ongoing games etc. I suppose you could resign after your games had finished but other peoples rounds were still ongoing.

TLDR; Yes.

It’s a McMahon tournament, which means you’ll play every round until the tournament finishes, OR you either time out of a game (disqualification) or withdraw from the tournament.

More info here and here.

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You can and you will, if you lose any of your games by timeout. Next round will start immediately when all of the games of first round have ended, so if even one of those games take a year to finish, next round won’t start before it’s over.

About tournament types:

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@smurph and @_KoBa, thanks for the info. I might give at least the first round a go anyway. Although it does sound like with the McMahon format you get paired with people of a similar strength. That actually might be worthwhile in itself, just to see what people play like in or around the supposed rank I’m at at the start time.

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