Can you delete Reviews and Demos?

Hi, I’m a little bothered by the reviews and demos I have, if there’s actually a way of removing or deleting them it will be helpful, thank you. :christmas_tree:


Not at the moment, no, sorry.
It is a planned addition, but it may still be a while until it gets “prioritized”.

Only thing you can do is manually delete the comments if you are ashamed for that, but that’s not very helpfull I assume :smiley:

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Thank you for the quick reply, i agree that it isn’t a feature that is worthy of being prioritized.

Totally understand. This was one of the reasons I archived by old account and began anew in 2018.

I like to use the review section of my profile page to keep track of especially significant games that I may want to easily find in the future.


For that reason, if I want to do a review, I use my old account to open it and then I hand control over to my new account. That way it doesn’t clutter my current account.


@Kosh That’s a really smart idea, thanks for the suggestion.

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