Can you pause correspondence games for a holiday?

Hi all, in mid-April I’m going on holiday and might not have internet access for up to a week. I’m currently involved in a bunch of correspondence games and might have more by then due to some tournaments I’m in. Is there a way of pausing them while I’m on holiday so they don’t time out?

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Yes, there is such a feature! You can “Go on vacation” using this page in the settings:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

For emergencies there also is a Pause button in the game.

Both players can pause five times in a game, and a paused game can be unpaused by either player.

For pausing I recommend messaging the opponent and telling them that you need a pause for some reason, seems the polite thing to do.

OGS Vacation does, IMHO, not need such communication.


Be sure that none of your games are from a tournament with a no pause or no holiday rule.