Can you please flag an account as bot?


Can you please set this account ‘langwiki’ as a bot? I am following the instructions here: Steps to connect with a bot

Thank you so much!

BTW, how do you find all the bots on the site? Is there a way to “search for bots”? Or are they listed somewhere?

Play menu item. Then “Computer”

That doesn’t seem to list them all. There are regularly requests to register accounts as bots, but those don’t show up.

As one example: cnculture is a bot, but it is not in that list.

@langwiki it will also help if you mention which account will be the administrator for this bot :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. The admin account will be ‘langwiki’.

Sorry, I must have some confusion. There needs to be a separate admin account that controls the bot account but from my reading, you seem to have said the admin and the bot are both named langwiki? Please forgive me if I have misunderstood at all?

Oh thanks for clarification. If it needs another control account, it’s “nlpguyz”.


langwiki is now marked as a bot.