Can you see players times/clocks when reviewing the game?


I was just wondering, if you’ve just finished a game and then either using the analysis tool or actually starting a review, is there any way to see what the times on each players clocks were when each move was made?

I can’t see immediately how to find it if it is there, and I’m not so good with the search topics, as I can’t find it mentioned on the forum as of yet.

I think kgs might have that feature, if it isn’t there. It might be fairly handy (again if it isn’t there), for me I’m actually very slow at playing, and with live games I used up my main time by about half way through - middle game, would be handy to see where I should be spending less time, or just to remember at what point I started being short of time/in byo-yomi.



The time remaining is not available in reviews or sgf downloads. However, the time taken for each move is available from the API, so such a feature would be possible.


Thanks for the info, I suppose the next thing is just wait and see if anyone else wants such a feature :slight_smile:


The SGF format supports move properties such as “How much time does black have left after this move?” and "How many moves does black have left after this move? (eg. during byo-yomi).

On KGS this information is available during a review, but I don’t see it included in the SGF files I’ve downloaded from KGS. What strange about this is that when In-Seong is teaching Yunguseng Dojang on KGS he will commonly have multiple files merged into one, and each game has retained its clock information. I have no idea how he’s doing this.

On OGS I don’t see this information displayed during a review, and it’s not included in the downloaded SGF files.