Cancel AI reviews?

I’m wondering if there’s a way to cancel AI reviews once they’re queued to run.

Sometimes it just feels like they’re queueing for quite a while and there isn’t much indication if anythings happening. Sometimes it feels like you have to be on the page to get something to happen or refresh the page (More than likely it’s just me not having enough patience)

Again (probably out of impatience) I sometimes reupload an sgf for review, sometimes because the formatting from other servers is wrong/not being interpreted correctly, and opening in sabaki and saving again kind of cleans that up.

Is there a way to see how many reviews are queued or is there a way to cancel a review so it isn’t wasting resources?


Actually another reason I sometimes suspect nothing is happening is because when you scroll through the moves on the board you can still see the three overview move variations that the free katago provides even when asking for a full ai review from katago.

(These comments are specific to the sgf library)

Edit: Actually it did do something, it computed a slightly different winrate graph but variations hadn’t been gotten around to.

It might be nice to have something saying - “in queue click to cancel” or something like that to give it the idea that you might be waiting a while, and if you want and you’ve requested too many reviews, you could cancel, and maybe only queue your highest priority one.