Canceling games and having to wait 2 minutes

I have repeatedly had the experience of accepting an open challenge, ie. joining a game created by someone else, only to have my opponent fail to show up and play in their own game (I am in one right now, with user chienkwei). My only choices are to let their timer run out (which might take a very long time) or cancel the game. So after waiting a minute or two I do the latter.

Now since a recent update, you are penalizing players for canceling games by making us wait two minutes before starting another. This seems quite unfair!


Maybe the system can be changed, so that you only get penalized if the other player is in the game.

I’m sure the Devs will come up with something. :blush:

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I don’t think it’s too big of a deal… the protection is there for serial cancelers and we’ve had trouble with folks coming to OGS and accepting and canceling all open challenges that they could which is really not cool. We may be casting too wide of a net so we’ll consider what else we can do… maybe 2 cancels within 4 - 5 minutes?


Maybe somthing like the lookout time on an iPhone? The first couple of cancels are free, but after that there is a larger and larger penalty. If you cancel enough games in a row you will eventually need to talk to a moderator to play again. After enough inactive time the penalty would drop.

I’m for a chance on this too. But what you suggest CyclonBunny wouldn’t work because of the possibility to create a new account to avoid the long punishment.

(I know I’m bumping an old topic but I was going to post about this and I guess bumping is better than creating a new topic)

I think 2 minutes is a fine time to wait but if it’s really a big deal for people I like matburts two cancels for every 5 minutes.

The only problem I can see is that and i’m unsure cause I don’t cancel games often, The (serial canceler) could accept all the games listed and then cancel them all? Since the time waiting period only kicks in after the cancel but by that time hes already accepted multiple games.

New-ish players with less than a few hundred games can only accept one live game at a time.