Canceling Time Reporting

###Hello guys,

###As you know, there exists an issue: The “Schedule Date & Time” button is not showing. After hours of testing, troubleshooting and trying things out, I realized that Challonge only lets the admin (in this case, me) put in the date & time. This should explain why my “test” tournament tutorial had the functionality - I was the admin of that tournament.

###While I have contacted the Challonge team and suggested that this feature be added in the future, I would like to announce that TNL no longer requires time reporting. This will remove burden from both the players and the admins, thus simplifying the process.

####What will change next

  • You do not need to report game starting times anymore. (Yay!)
  • I will change the TNL rules, Challonge tutorial, and website accordingly. I am exhausted, so please give me some time. :smile:

####What wIll NOT change next

  • You still need to schedule and complete your games with your opponents just as before.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to be punctual at start of games, meanwhile accurate and honest when reporting game results. Any false reporting will be handled by the league admins, and no-shows should still be reported.
  • Link to games and results are required on Challonge. Everyone has the ability to do so.
  • Those who don’t reply to the Challonge invitation by Feb 3, 00:00 UTC will still be disqualified.
  • You still have to finish all games by end of the month. We will check on Challonge. Any games not logged will be ignored.

###Thank you so much for understanding! This is the first day we are using Challonge and things can get messy at times, but I believe this is a step towards the better! :smile: :heart:


Thanks for the big effort. It is a pity that the community will not have the opportunity to watch the games (unless they’re continuously checking the OGS website, which is a littlebit uncomfortable). Let’s see whether the Challonge admins agree to allow this functionality. Cheers!


@ygramul Yeah…But when you are online, look for the live games with title “TNL February 2015…”! :smile:

Yeah and everyone can still mention on OGS TNL chat when a game is starting - for those who wanna see the game live.

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Thank you for your effort so far. Yesterday I played my first game in TNL and things worked smoothly. I am convinced that remaining issues with the system, mentioned here and in other threads, will be resolved in due course.

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