Cancelled games in history?

Do cancelled games still have any sort of purpose in the game history?

It’s not even 2 moves in the kifu…


Mh… I think I like the idea to remove annulled games from the game history … @anoek, @matburt, what think ye?


I would so love to see this happen!

But I do have a counter-argument, unfortunately: which is that it could be argued to be useful to see who is annulling a lot. And also to remember who annulled on you in the past.

That’s why I actually think that having the game list filtered is the go. Mostly I’d like to see ranked games only. But sometimes there’s a reason to look back over unranked games, and maybe also annulled games.


Filters sound like the best go for me, I agree that people shouldn’t be able to hide the fact that they are a serial game canceler. But it would be awesome to be able to quickly look through only completed ranked games that weren’t annulled :slight_smile:


I don’t really have a problem with people cancelling games, is that an issue still?

I think that now you can only cancel before making a move, so that’d make it a non-issue I think.

That being said, it’d be so much better to implement filtering of the game history on all the key parameters, and then you can see or not see cancelled games along with non-ranked games etc to your heart’s content…

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I should have added; if so, I stand by my original point that there is little use in keeping them in the record…

PS: ofc, filters will be a very much needed and appreciated addition in any case, but I see no need to have cancelled games included.

For any given feature there will be equal people for and against - it’s a rule :wink:

I would keep them in the record, for instances like “hang on, who was that who joined then cancelled yesterday, is this them again?” etc.

There’s almost no reason to remove them if you can filter them - who knows when that information might be useful…

could be, I just never saw cancelling games as an issue. it’s annoying if a game request waited for 15 minutes for an accept and person who accepted cancelled after 30 second wait, but I don’t see how me being able to see their former games would help much. I could block them from future games, but there could also be a reason.

Also, when games are cancelled they show up the same way a normal game, red or green, but waiting the complete time to avoid having a cancel loss seems just weird. A cancel loss can be reasonable too, if some misclick accept for instance.

Well, as you say, it’s a point for debate. Seems people are opting for the more complex solution though.

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From a development point of view, I doubt if it is more complex.

Note that cancelled games are currently written to the history.

And that filtering the game history is a highly requested feature.

If the Devs implement filtering, they don’t have to touch any other part of the code and the goal is reached. If you don’t care about cancelled games, and they are by default filtered (like say non-ranked games) then you never know the difference. You don’t experience more complexity.

On the other hand, if the Devs are implementing filtering anyhow, and now they also have to implement “don’t write cancelled games to the history”, well that is now two parts of the code to touch. And it opens up questions like what to do if someone does’t know what happened to their game?". One moment you had a game and then it disappears without a trace? IE there are side effects from this proposed solution. That makes it more complex.

So just implement filtering and we can all be happy, I reckon :wink:

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