Cancelling a challenge

What happens if one cancel a game given to the fact that one does Not want to play w someone?

Not sure what exactly you mean, but if you cancle a challenge, nothing happens. No points lost, no game record, just nothing…

If you cancel a game before you play a move (for example if you accept a challenge and then discover that the handicap is too high) there will be a record of the game, but again, no change in rating or anything…

When I see that person that we were talking about… the cheater I will cancel the game. However, it wont work everytime c/s he changes his username. I am sure that the programmers will know his ISP. This person needs to be reported and kicked out.

If you feel like he is targetting you specifically note that you can block a player by clicking his name. He should then be unable to challenge you regardless of a name change.

Yes, thank you