Cannot choose time settings changed when forking game

I tried to fork a game after my opponent timed out.

The settings for the timed out game were:

  • Chinese rules
  • Fischer: Clock starts with 3 days and increments by 20 hours per move up to a maximum of 4 days.

When I forked the game, the settings were automatically changed to:

  • Japanese rules
  • byo-yomi clock: 1wk+5x 1d, pause on weekends, 0 handicap

I canceled the fork, and tried again. I was able to switch from Japanese rules to Chinese rules, but there was no option to choose the time settings.

If needed, this was the game: Large board


And it turns out the komi was changed to 5.5 (it was 7.5 before). There was no indication that the komi would change, when I created the fork.

If needed, this is the new game: Large board