Cannot save variations in chrome

I don’t know if it is the browser.

Another point: “share” does not change to “record” in the Malkovich log.

I don’t know what you mean.
Variations are shared to the chat.
Malkovich log is a different kind of “chat” that can only been seen after the game
the share button is for variation sharing.

In the old interface the share button said record when you were in Malkovich log so you knew it was still private. Now it says share.

A small regression. Still a bug in my opinion.

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Ah indeed, we’ll get that verbage toggling again

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I use Chrome too and I get the non-access message even on my finished games. Is that normal ?

Anyway, what exactly is a Malkovich log ?

Are you posting in this topic?

Let me google that for you

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In terms of OGS, the Malkovich log is a way to contain your thoughts and variations during a game without sharing them with your opponent.

Seasoned correspondence players may have 15 to 30 games going on simultaneously.

The Malkovich log allows you to track what you were thinking for a specific game.

When you have correspondence games lasting two weeks to two months or more, the value of the Malkovich log cannot be overstated.

I’m sorry. I was first led on this thread by my Google search and forgot to check the topic.

My concern was that I have the message “Malkovich logs are not visible to opponents until the game has finished” even on my finished games.

Thank you very much.