Cannot see any players/games

so I’ve come across this one today:
When I click on ‘Play’ or ‘Watch’, there are no games displayed. It just says “there are no games being played”.
When using my smartphone browser, it’s displaying everything correctly and I can see/play games.

Any idea why it’s not showing the games on my desktop? (It worked when I last tried about 2 days ago.)

Thank You!

Would you share some OS and browser info?

Sure thing!
On the pc where it isn’t working,I’ve tried the latest versions of Firefox/Chrome/Internet Explorer.
On the iPhone it’s iOS 10.2.1.

I don’t have access to the pc right now, but it’s a Windows 7 with average standard specs.
it’s just weird that it worked s few days ago, but doesn’t anymore, because no software/hardware changed.

Which errors do you see on console?