Cannot Stay Connected

In multiple browsers (Chrome and IE) I get the following console logs when I load At the end of the console logs notice I am getting disconnected:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘appendChild’ of null sf_main.jsp?dlsource=hdrykzc:322
This appears to be Chrome ogs.4.1-279-g5637d17.min.js:1709
Welcome to OGS (index):1816
Loading and initialization: 577 ms ogs.4.1-279-g5637d17.min.js:1255
Device: desktop ogs.4.1-279-g5637d17.min.js:1241
Time to frame 1: 836 ms ogs.4.1-279-g5637d17.min.js:1255
Time to frame 2: 852 ms ogs.4.1-279-g5637d17.min.js:1256
Time to frame 3: 856 ms ogs.4.1-279-g5637d17.min.js:1256
577->259->16->4 tot: 856 ogs.4.1-279-g5637d17.min.js:1256
GET 404 (Not Found) (index):1
[] ogs.4.1-279-g5637d17.min.js:1931
Creating game list ogs.4.1-279-g5637d17.min.js:2086
Starting download at 1340 ms (index):1764
Resource interpreted as Image but transferred with MIME type text/javascript: “”.
Disconnected from signaling server ogs.4.1-279-g5637d17.min.js:1714
Disconnected from signaling server

Looks like you have some form of malware, see


Your solution worked.