Can't accept challenge and an old game remains on the notification

As title.

When I click the accept green button on the challenging table (live), it looks like “accepted”, but nothing happened. Until a new tab or window is opened, the challenging table for live display as below where the green accept button is replaced with error.

Error User-name (12k) 19x19 20m+5x30s

Second, the upper right corner there is a notification area, it keeps display a finished game. Reopen that game doesn’t remove the value 1 on the notification square.

The servers seem to be broken, can’t accept any games, resign or accept scoring to finish a current game.

In my game I was winning pretty heavily and I assume my opponent couldn’t resign so he passed, but the scoring wouldn’t work either so he just left, he is at 0 seconds but wont time out. I would appreciate if this could be resolved at some point, assuming it can with the mass server issues.


Nevermind servers were fixed, game timed out.

Hey guys, really sorry about this… we had a server issue related to the DST switchover here on the east coast. Everything is fixed up now and we’ll be investigating how this occurred.

Sorry for the inconvenience and that the turnaround time was over 30m!

Thanks for quick response.

Accept challenging problem is fixed!

But the notification issue (old finished game keeps being displayed on the upper right square with value 1 in white text and black background color). This might not have relation to the accept challenging problem, but a bit annoy. Navigating to the game being played requires clicking several times.

Thanks for help!

Hi @shogun1234 that’s likely a different issue… if you refresh now you should have the correct number in the turn notification area.

The problem goes away now.

Big thanks!