Can't change game name when using "Computer" option on Play page - defaults to last game played

Noticed this after several practice games against a bot.

Observed behavior:

When playing a game against a bot using the “Computer” button on, the dialog box / modal does not give you an option to input a game name. The game’s name is unexpectedly the same as the last game name I entered via a direct challenge. (presumably that field would also be updated if I created a “Custom Game” / open challenge as well)

All of the games are now (erroneously) named “Open R2 B248”, an artifact of the e-Go Open Tournament, which is unfortunate since the Congress officials wanted those names to be useful for searching in case a game URL got lost.

(I suspect this problem also exists when using the “Blitz”, “Normal”, and “Correspondence” buttons on this page. However, I don’t actually want to play against a human opponent right now. I’ll update the bug with those use cases later.)

Expected behavior:

I assumed they would pick a generic default name like “Bot Game” or “Friendly Game.”

Affected games:


Update: The problem does not appear to occur with the buttons on the Play page that create games against human players, since they are automatically named “user1 vs. user2”

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