Can't change tournament settings

Tournament 2970 which I had created was supposed to be a nines tournament, but when I created it, I accidentally set the board size to 19x19. Afterwards when I went to “Edit Settings” and changed the board size to 9x9 and saved it, it still was 19x19. Is this a bug or is it not possible to change the board size? Thank you.

That’s the design of tournaments… once they are created some of their settings can’t be changed.

Even with nobody in the tournament? Then why allowed the administrator to edit the settings?

Problems in my new tournament: I went to change the rules to Korean, the handicap to automatic and allow provisional players… It won’t let me change the settings.

Nobody in the tournament. I know you can’t fix stupid but editing before anybody joins should be permitted.

I could he even change it to “invite only.” I was looking for hidden or a way to delete it entirely and start over.

I had a similar problem with trying to disable analysis. It lets me uncheck the option, but it doesn’t actually save.