Can't i remove the numbers on stones in analyse mode?

I don’t want to download sgf and analyse my games with another program or site anymore. Help .

Hi there… Yes, on analysis mode you can still remove the numbers on the board by using the ‘toggle coordinates’ button which can be found to the right of the screen on a computer, and below on mobile device.

I hope this helps.

Thanks mate but i want to remove the numbers on stones

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Many appologise, I missundersood what you were asking for.

Anyways, as far as I’m aware, there isn’t a way to remove the numbers when creating variations on the board. This is true both in analysis mode, and in the review game feature.

However, if you have a program like Sabaki or anything similar, there are no numbers on the stones, so that is a possible work around.

You can also use the ‘demo board’ feature to do the same I believe.

But no, in game analysis, the numbers cannot be removed as far as I’m aware.

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I don’t know where the numbers come from for sure. But after using the Web Developer part of Chrome, I’m pretty positive the numbers are text being overlayed on top of the image of a Go stone. Which means whatever file is responsible for this action, likely contains code for a bunch of things other than this functionality.

I was hoping it was the sort of thing you might block with Ublock, by blocking a specific element or preventing a file from loading. But since the stones are generated in this way, it is unlikely that this can be accomplished on OGS. @Flovo, do you have any idea if the numbers are an element an ad blocker could handle?

The numbers are part of the same canvas as the goban, so probably no.

Is this request something along the lines of “Zen Mode for Analysis”? I mean - are there wider improvements we could make to “de-noise” Analyse mode, if we were to mess around in this area?

(A “Zen Mode” button is a more substantial feature to make it worthwhile than “A Special Button To Turn Off The Numbers On The Stones”)

Beyond a personal desire of aesthetics, does a numberless board offer any possibilities for playing Go Variants (not officially supported of course). While your at it, you could turn off the stones altogether and people could play Blind Go :grin:


Any chance the numbers are covered by a specific CSS element? Not sure what is generating them. Or perhaps they are SVG images :thinking:

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