Can't log in, 500 Server Error


My main account,, has been unable to log in to OGS since the 5.0 upgrade. I’ve tried from multiple browsers on multiple platforms, no joy. I haven’t seen anyone else reporting the same issue, so I guess I’m ‘special’.

One possible option is that I can allow that account to lapse and I can use my ‘other’ account, eidolonia. A few years ago when I was first getting into Go I created that account, then sometime later I forgot I’d done that and created the eidolonia@ account. eidolonia has been unused since then, but I’d be content enough to switch over to using that full-time if eidolonia@ is properly dead. Before I can do that, though, there are a couple of points to address:

  • My rank on eidolonia@ is currently 17 kyu – that’s possibly a touch strong, but it’s approximately accurate. My eidolonia rank is 24 kyu, so it would be useful to get that uprated to somewhere around 19-18 kyu, please.

  • As eidolonia@ I’m a site supporter. I’m happy to carry on paying for this but I’d appreciate it if the benefits (ad free and extra vacation time) could be transferred to eidolonia, please.

Both accounts should be registered to the same email address, so please feel free to contact me there if necessary.