Can't login normally

I’m trying to log in my usual account, but it keeps redirecting me to facebook (my only access right now to my current games is via the online go application on my cellphone, since I was already logged). Right now, this is not my real account. If I type in my e-mail and password, it redirects me to facebook for authorizations, if I agree, it will ignore my e-mail and password and use a facebook based new account, and if I refuse on facebook, it says that I can’t login (becaused I refused on facebook)

I recomend powering down your device and then turning it back on, then try logging in/on

Nah that doesn’t work, also, I have been encountering this issue for a while already, not just yesterday :confused:

The same problem also happens on different browsers and different windows user…

Well, if there is a new upgrade available for your device, try getting the upgrade, it might not help you sign in, but it could help improve your device on many things!

But if all else fails, just try making a new account but with the same name as the old one, or if you prefer keep the one your using now :slight_smile: