Can't open new game in Group?


I’ve created a new group for my fellow Go players in my country (Vietnam). They was happily joining and after that is … awkward moment when nobody know what to do next.

I know we can challenge each others for game. But that’s not user friendly since not everybody in group know each others and don’t know who are available for game. The only way to make it happen is chat directly on the group asking for play, but that’s not viable also.

Btw, there’s no option to filter out who is online in Group Page (you can see active players on Chat tab but it make the UX more confuse, I think it can be combine, like KGS).

OGS is great place for Go, but I see a lot of things can be improve. Please make it happen for better community.

Here you find some info on groups. Maybe there are some answers in it.


I think that Challenge Links , a feature that will be released Real Soon Now, will help your situation a lot.

You will be able to create an “Invite Only” challenge, then share the link to it in your Group, and anyone in the group can accept your game.


How many Real Soon Nows in a Soon TM? :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’ll be able to calibrate a GreenAsJade-Real-Soon-Now … Real Soon Now :wink:


This is great idea for asking friend to play without already login to OGS. Problem is when you post it in a group, there’s no way others can tell if the link is expired (accepted, cancelled) or not. So I think OGS still need a Creating Game option in Group.

Thank you for this solution anw ;). Let’s wait for the Real Soon Now.

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It’s a good point, about being able to tell if a link has already been accepted/expired.

Of course, you can click on it and then you will find out :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what other options we could have, but at least in OGS (for example chat) we can tell if it is expired, so we could render it strikethrough . I’ll put that in a list somewhere.


Are them all new to OGS site?

Why not?
The chat is available, isn’t it? So everybody can just type a messagge saying “anybody wants to play?” and then send a direct challenge to that user.
I know from my experience that this may be difficult in small groups, since such messages can be unheard for a while if nobody’s around.

I see how this could be helpful.
In the friends list online users are at the top. Maybe a simple sorting trick could make the difference.
Instead of having to scroll many pages, one could find online users at the top of the list.
At the moment users aren’t sorted anyway, so changing their order shouldn’t bother anyone:


Also a checkbox “show / hide offline” could be useful. Just like in the friends list.



Thank you! Great solution so far :wink:

Roughly 17 hours… not bad :wink:

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Note: here is the kind of way you can deal with the “challenge already accepted” situation manually. It’s not too hard :slight_smile:

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Wow, just in time for my problems. Thank you so much :wink:

I’ve read the article and still don’t know what is the manual way to strike through? Is it possible in OGS Chat?

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I was asking that myself too.

Interesting thread!

It’s possible as described in OGS Forum.

We have some work to do, I think, to make it possible (and even automatic) in OGS Chat. I might ping @RubyMineshaft at this point to see if he’s interested in whipping up a solution, I think he knows how all that works…

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