Cant play against computer, says "Waiting for game to begin" for eternity

i want to play against computer
it says “waiting for game to begin” for eternity
i even press the “play” button on the bottom. nothing is working. what is going on, this is my first time on this website and it’s already acting up

edit: it’ll let me play against GNU, but not Pachibot

“waiting for game to begin” for 5-10 seconds or longer normally means your challenge is rejected by the bot. Most common reasons are too short or too long game time setting, and board size not accepted by the particular bot.

If you don’t see the challenge acceptance limitations on the bot’s profile page, looking through its game records gives you the idea on what kind of games are played by the bot.

Not all bots are online all the time, and sending your challenge to an offline bot will result in “waiting for game to begin” for eternity as well. To check if the bot is online, just open a Private Message window (by searching, clicking on its name, and then the baloon icon) and see if there is a Green Dot in front of its name on top of the window.

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