Can't see next move and its AI value under review (supporter)

Hi all,

There is some reason why under “analysis game” AI shows the value of the next move, but this is not shown under review of the game?

BTW, in this 2 screenshots, H4 is next move, first, is a screen of analysis of the game, and you can see the value of that move as an estimated lost of 2.1 points. In second screenshot, not only don’t show the next move, but gives a different value to that move.

If I had to guess, in review mode you’re not constrained to the game variations, and you could be in some branch with no next move, or you could be actively adding moves.

In the game mode the game has already been played and there’s no further changes to the game tree - you can just analyse each move of the game, and you want to compare how the next persons move faired vs the ai (a lot of the time they won’t be the same) so you need to run analysis on the game move, even though the network may or may not pick it, or “look into it”.

In terms of the differences then, I imagine forcing the network to spend a certain amount of playouts on the next game move makes it more sure on the value of that live, how many points it gains or loses, while with normal analysis with capped playouts say, it has to just divide up those between the top choices.

So my guess is that in image one form the game, the ai checks the move with more playouts than it would’ve chosen to, specifically because it’s the next game move, while in the second image it’s only given the amount of playouts it normally would. So the second image it probably thinks it could be a good move but has low playouts, in the first image same but with more forced playouts and hence and updated estimate of the score.

Understand, but, if you are reviewing a game that has a previous analysis, I think is not a bad idea at all to show next move and it’s AI value like as you see it when you press analyze instead review. Review mode has the game tree, and can check the analysis done on the game. Makes sense to me to have to think outside the main game tree because has to calc and there is no next move at all in that variation, but inside the main game tree, has all the info, the game tree itself, and the analysis done on the game

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Just wanted to know if I’m the only one interested in this or thinks this is a bug.

I have some interest, but I can’t access your game to make my own observations, so it ends there without further development.

I would speculate that maybe review mode has lesser number of play outs? Certainly it was added very recently and (if nothing had changed) it has very long response time.

It happens in every game. Maybe I mixed several things on my question, but the main point at all, is review don’t works exactly as analysis mode.

When you are analyzing a finished game analyzed by AI, shows his evaluation over the board, and marks next move with a black circle and the value of this specific move (first screenshot), this doesn’t happens under review mode. Reviewing an analyzed game, AI makes his evaluations but don’t shows neither the next move on the tree and/or his evaluation (second screenshot)

More clear. (game link)

Analysis Mode:

Review Mode:

Review mode is not showing next move in the tree was black F13 with 24 point loss

Oh, you mean ability to see next move you played as a marked point. I think it would be somewhat cumbersome to see game move in the review mode when you try to deviate from the game instead. Probably it would only distract in that case.

I thought maybe there’s an actual on/off option in the settings for it, but there isn’t :frowning_face:. I think it should be added, though current “default” settings are not bad.

Additional 2 rows:
Show next move played in a game analysis mode on/off
Show next move played in a review mode on/off

Makes sense, but the same can be said about AI evaluation. Maybe show it only when AI is enabled is the way to go.

Hmm, I’m not sure that I prefer seeing next move. I think being able to customize it for each individual player according to their preferences is the way to go.

It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s also the case that the game review just isn’t loaded at all in review mode, so it simply can’t show the value of the next game move.

If that’s the case I suppose one idea is to load the ai review from the game if it exists, but since you can explore and rerun the analysis, you have to decide to keep it or discard the new analysis.

Then more generally one has to decide should you show every available explored next move on the board in the game tree - since in review you can make the game tree as complicated as you want. So if you explored 10 next moves, should you show all the values of these on the board also?

It might not be high on the list of priorities to fix but I can imagine the clearer it is the easier it might be for someone to pick up and fix.

In theory creating an issue here Issues · online-go/ · GitHub, someone might decide to pick it up and make some changes.

Will open an issue, thanks.

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