Can't solve puzzle 2832

I’m a beginner and I’m trying to solve this puzzle but I can’t without a warning of wrong movement at the third turn.
I mean, the first and the second turns are right, but at the third turn, the system accepts my movement and the system replies with another movement, but it says that is wrong.
I think it is a bug. Any comment is appreciate it.

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What moves are you trying? Maybe try different first or second moves and see if that changes anything?

Or different third moves?

I can’t figure out what is wrong with the puzzle. There are at least a couple of paths to solve it but likely also a few ways to go wrong on the way.

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I’ve tried all third moves. I think there are only one possible first move and only possible second move.

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Can you tell the coordinates of the moves you played and of the computer’s responses?

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If C19 was your first move (the 1,3 point) then that’s incorrect but the puzzle continues for a move or two to illustrate that it doesn’t work.

Well there are at least 10 possible first moves…

Since it’s Cho Chikun’s encyclopedia I get to use this one

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Sorry. I’m truly sorry for all the mess. I found the solution.
Thank you.


No need to be sorry! I hope we were of some help.

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Is it though? Any evidence that this is actually authored by Cho Chikun other than the name of the book? I read it is published by Kiseido but I seriously suspect that all Cho Chikun had to with this book was letting Kiseido use his name.

He has a preface for his Dictionary of Life and Death. It is curious that he doesn’t have one for this book. Another strange thing is that this collection isn’t on Weiqi101 which basically has all the big famous collections.

I think this is a bad collection. It has little progression regarding shapes and techniques, it is very unbalanced in terms of distribution of difficulty through the collection. I hope these were not the first 1000 tsumego Cho Chikun wanted us to solve.

I object to recommending this collection to newbies. Graded Go Problems (which can be found here Play Go at! | OGS is a much better collection to start with.


I guess I was wrong. :rofl:

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