Can't start live bot games?

Lately I cannot start any live bot games - a 500 error returns.

I can start correspondence games though. Can anyone help?

I don’t have a problem

Can you share a screenshot of the game settings screen that leads to this error?


Some bots are a bit picky, usually there is a description of acceptable time-settings in the bots profile. 500 is a bit weird to get still though, let us know which bot and we can have a closer look.

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I saw some instability yesterday as well, but it seems to have passed.

Thank you all for the messages.
It still happens to me - I tried different settings with different bots and cannot start a live game.

One thing about bots being picky - usually in the past I would see an error message such as “this bot doesn’t allow 9x9 board”, or “choose a different time setting (minimum play time is 1 min)”, etc

It seems you are setting up custom komi without specifying the ammount, which probably causes the issue.


Ha! It appears that was it! I kinda expected validation to be done in the front end though, but thank you!

Well, me too ¯\__(ツ)_/¯ (or rather I expected the number not to be deletable) but somehow something always seems to slip below radar.
If there are any volunteers for quick fix, our github is here: