Can't unhide group details

I and a partner started using OGS in 2020 when our club could no longer meet face-to-face. We created a private group for the club. I think we misunderstood what ‘Hide group details’ meant and ticked that box even though we wanted the public to be able to read a description of the group’s activities but not to give info about membership, admins etc.

When I go to the group page I see the description, as shown in these screenshots:

I thought this description was visible to non-members who go to the group page, too. However, while investigating another problem with @trohde, I discovered that he couldn’t see it. I therefore edited the group and unticked the box marked ‘Hide group details’ and saved the update. However, @trohde tells me he still doesn’t see the description when he goes to the group page.

Is this a bug?

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I think the details seem visible when not logged in even

Is that what you wanted visible?

Yes, thanks, shinuito. I wonder why @trohde couldn’t see that?

Looks like there isn’t a problem after all. Do you know, am I right in thinking that what you see there was not visible until I unticked the ‘Hide group details’ box?

Just testing it, it seems that that text is always visible, the description and short descriptions.

It looks like the hide group details toggle, hides: members, news, admins.

The chat seems to always be hidden from it being not public (the other checkbox).

I’d probably have to run through the code to make a comprehensive list of what it hides.

Here’s a test group that is not public, with hide details checked.

and this is what is visible when not in the group


Many thanks, shinuito. Looks like I was right to tick the box when I created the group. I don’t want things like news posts visible, so I will tick it again now.

Ok, done that. Hopefully the description is still visible to all, but not the other details you mentioned, like admins and news posts.

I look forward to hearing further when you’ve had a chance to look at the code.

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Probably there needn’t have been any drama at all if these matters were thoroughly documented, in particular the precise meaning of ‘group details’.

I am waiting to hear what @trohde has to say about the fact that he couldn’t see the group description (as I understood) whether or not ‘hide group details’ was ticked.

Btw, anybody know what ‘bulletin’ is used for and whether it is part of private information or hidable?

What I see when I visit the group:

What I see when I click the pencil (because I have moderator privileges):

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I told you last night that, when I clicked the pencil, what I saw was that the “hide group details” checkbox WAS CHECKED.

@trohde , can you please provide a screen shot of what you see when you visit group 4971 (my group). Thanks.

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Okay, I am not @trohde

but this is what I see …

and after clickin on webpage, I see …

all the way down to Gallery and Documents.

Thanks, attorante. That confirms what @shinuito said and is exactly what I want to be shown. However, I specifically wanted @trohde to show what he gets, because the other night, while investigating a different problem, he seemed to be saying that he could not see that and specifically the hot link you clicked on, which is exactly what I was trying to draw his attention to. I suppose it must have been a misunderstanding. It is unfortunate because it led me to expose publicly for a time the details which were supposed to remain hidden, such as the members’ roll and the newsposts.

PS Any idea about ‘Bulletin(s)’? Are they different from News Posts, I wonder? I have never used the option, or seen a need to.

This is what I see:

Oops! Sorry, but I made the mistake of relying on my memory for the group number. It’s actually 4791. :disappointed:


That one looks like this to me:

As expected. I assume this was visible at all times during our exploration of my difficulty in trying to produce a valid hot link in a news post and that you simply didn’t understand what I was saying when I referred you to the successfully created hot link Herts Directory webpage?