Can't view opponent's profile without resigning?

In the past, you used to be able to navigate away from an open real-time game to view your opponent’s profile by clicking on the name. Currently, when I try to view the profile I am asked if I want to resign. In general, you can no longer navigate away from the game without receiving a “do you want to resign” prompt. Is this intended? It is a bit annoying having to go to a different tab and search for your opponent manually. Can we have a poll to change it back if this was intentional? If not intentional, fix, please. :slight_smile:

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This: Escaper changes (testing and comments welcome)
Also you can open the profile in a new tab with middleclick or ctrl+click the name.

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OS X with Chrome: cmd+click the name.

This is a decent work around I guess, but it is not intuitive or nice for players who want to use OGS without knowing all of the short-cuts for their browser. Why not make any in-game links open in a new tab instead of asking you to resign?

I think it’s very important to follow the standard interface whenever possible. So single clicking a link should open a link in the same browser. If people don’t know how to use their computers or browsers then there is nothing to be done. Sometimes the best way to learn is to be forced to learn.

Well I think this is one of those cases where it isn’t possible, or at least shouldn’t be done. If you want to force users to learn than at least include a message in the pop-up. Something like, “If you leave this page you will resign. Are you sure you want to resign? (To open this link in a new tab please ctrl-click)” Although, the short-cut varies so it would be a pain.

Any-ways, at this point the site is already inconsistent about this. Go to the game lobby and click “My games”, now go back and click “Forums”.

Good point. That should be fixed so that it opens in the same window. :slight_smile: