Captured stones not marked as dead?


I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I was just playing a game against AI and I believe a large group of white’s stones were captured, but it failed to mark them as dead.

Here is the game:

Usually I would get a chance to agree to the scoring, but after about one second it automatically agreed for me.

White was clearly aware that the stones were dead since it left them alone through the end. Is there some way to update the score?

Sorry for the trouble and thanks in advance. I love this site.

Unlike ordinary games, those games with AI (bot) are automatically scored by the server (not by the bot), and this scoring sometimes being incorrect is an issue ogs developers are working on.

If the incorrect scoring results in your losing a RANKED game that is otherwise won with a correct scoring (such as in your case), click “Call moderator” on the right side icons on game page, typing in “Incorrect scoring? Please adjust rating” and sending will get your rating points and rank adjusted properly within a day or so.

Please note that the game results cannot be changed retroactively by the moderators, so your game record will remain with the initial incorrect scoring and win/loss result. So please do not do the “Call moderator” if the miscalculation did not change the win/loss status, or if the game was an unranked game.


Great, thank you for your help. Sorry for the late reply!

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Actually, while bot games may supposedly be ranked, they do not affect your rating/rank as the bots are considered to be provisional forever.

That depends on the bot. Pachibot2, Pachibot (rarely comes online) and Kugutsu (will come back online soon) are not provisional.