Change login type

When I set up my account, I chose to login with my google account. Is there a way to change this to normal login by name and password?

(The account in question is “Wulfenia.” with a period at the end.)

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In the top left corner, click on the OGS logo.

This opens a menu, near the bottom, click on Settings.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the new screen, under “Account Settings” you can set a new login email and password.



I’ve always had this ‘problem’ too, but it’s never bugged me enough to seek an answer. Essentially have to go through google/gmail to login. My email is updated at that section you refer to, @BHydden, but it never likes my password. I’m guessing I don’t remember it, the password associated with the website, not my email. I could maybe narrow it down… do I need a special symbol in password creation, or just capitol letters and numbers?

Do I makes sense?

You don’t need special symbols, capital letters, or numbers. I think you can put your password as anything if it is within a an allowed size(which I don’t know). Sorry if I am wrong about the sizes and it can be whatever size you want, but I am pretty sure with my first part about what has to be in it.

Yeah… I’m thinkin’ the next time I log out I’ll just navigate through he lost password linkage, I didn’t really think of that. I’m just lazy about having done this, it doesn’t bug me that it redirects me through google, but it would be nice to not have to.

Hi, sorry to revive a dead thread but this is actually an issue for me as I made my account using GitHub and I can’t use that to login to some third-party apps e.g. Sente for Android.
In this issue from their GitHub page, @acritescu says the OGS team told him I need to disconnect my GitHub account to get username/password login to work. But there doesn’t seem to be an option to do that?
Their app allows Google sign in, too, but I can’t link my Google account (I get redirected to an error page).

You should have an “Unlink” button next to your social account in settings. Have you confirmed you already added a password?

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Hi, that worked! Thank you.

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