Change login type

When I set up my account, I chose to login with my google account. Is there a way to change this to normal login by name and password?

(The account in question is “Wulfenia.” with a period at the end.)

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In the top left corner, click on the OGS logo.

This opens a menu, near the bottom, click on Settings.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the new screen, under “Account Settings” you can set a new login email and password.



I’ve always had this ‘problem’ too, but it’s never bugged me enough to seek an answer. Essentially have to go through google/gmail to login. My email is updated at that section you refer to, @BHydden, but it never likes my password. I’m guessing I don’t remember it, the password associated with the website, not my email. I could maybe narrow it down… do I need a special symbol in password creation, or just capitol letters and numbers?

Do I makes sense?

You don’t need special symbols, capital letters, or numbers. I think you can put your password as anything if it is within a an allowed size(which I don’t know). Sorry if I am wrong about the sizes and it can be whatever size you want, but I am pretty sure with my first part about what has to be in it.

Yeah… I’m thinkin’ the next time I log out I’ll just navigate through he lost password linkage, I didn’t really think of that. I’m just lazy about having done this, it doesn’t bug me that it redirects me through google, but it would be nice to not have to.