Change Sign in to Log out once user signs in

“Sign In” is located in upper right corner of page. It would be very convenient if a “Sign Out” replaced it when one is logged in instead of having to cross screen width and height to get to the “Log Out”. When playing on a 5", 10" or 15" screen it’s not so bad but on a 30" screen it’s a real nuisance (and contributing source of repetitive motion strain).


Stop logging out! :smiley:

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Logging out is good practice when you are not the sole user of the machine and/or browser profile.

OGS might not be as sensitive as a bank site for identity theft, but that is no reason not to have the function readily available.

If I played more than one slow opponent I might; I stay logged into DGS unless I clear cookies and delete those by accident. But DGS is ad and tracker free too. I make a practice of logging out of everything else unless I expect to use it fairly soon. I also log out of this site. I’ll admit I don’t logout of my internet connection.

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