Change the Zen mode

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Please change the Zen mode for example as in the screenshot.
Sorry, i do not speak english.!


The zen mode needs to be more minimalist and the board should be in the center of the screen.

Я гаворю по Руски. Если вы можете мне обеснить, Я могу перевисти.

Я чесно не понимаю что вы просите поминать. Пожалусто обесните мне.

TRANSLATION: I speak Russian, If you can explain it to me, I can translate.

I honestly don’t understand what you are asking to change. Please explain it to me



Спасибо за помощь. Я просто предлагаю немного изменить вёрстку Дзен-режима. Нижние кнопки (и надпись “Ваш ход”) перенести в правый угол, а игровое поле увеличить от верха до низа. Так больше используется экранного пространства на мониторе. Особенно на 13 дюймов(macbook). И поменять синий цвет с кнопки - на темно-серый.
Это просто предложение на рассмотрение. Мне кажется так будет лучше.

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Прикрасно - Я теперь понимаю :slight_smile:

Я перевиду

OK - so I am goign to sum up Uchenik_Shusaku’s suggestions rather than translating the above.

Basically, he’s making 2 requests

  1. move the buttons in Zen mode to the side of the screen so that the board can justify to the maximum height available
  2. create a “night mode” for Zen mode where the border around the board is a darker color to reduce eye strain

The user also noted that these are just suggestions that he believes would make the site better (i.e. making a polite suggestion to admins)



There’s also this GitHub issue concerning Zen mode, which concerns adding clocks etc. so that Zen mode is tenable for live and blitz games.

@Uchenik_Shusaku’s idea sounds sensible.Maybe that issue can be updated with this request?

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EDIT: I just realized he is talking about the colors of the button (since his screenshot already is in night mode, duh…) Not too sure about that one, as the colors are also kind of representing the function (green vs. blue…) is that really such a major strain?

I have added the other request to the github issue, so anoek has more ideas to work with :slight_smile: .

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