Change username to avoid being confused with commercial product

I’ve discovered that my username is virtually identical to the name of a commercial go software product. I am not affiliated with that product in any way. To avoid giving the impression that I am, I’d like to change my username to “will2go” if it’s available.

Thank you.

Done! Remember to log out once on forums to see the change here aswell.

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Thank you, mlopezviedma. I logged out of both the OGS Forums and, but I cannot log back in under the username “will2go”. It says to check my username and password and try again. I am trying to use the same password I had for the old username.

I deleted cookies and tried logging in from another device but still couldn’t log in under the new username.

Did I receive a new password along with the new username? Or is there something else I need to do to log in?

Try using your username from before to log in. Im not sure but i dont think them changing your name changes your log in info.

I can still use my old username to log in, but my profile still shows the old username and my posts here in the forum still show the old username. I don’t see the new username anywhere.

Is there something else I need to do?

Seems fine for me,

Thank you for pointing that out. That is not my account, and I see that it has existed at least since May 2016. So I think what happened is we tried to assign an existing username to my account.

I did a search and found that the username “goflow” is not taken. Please change my username to “goflow”.

Could you please post a link to your account?

Here you go:

Ok, it’s done. What happened is that there was an account named “go_rilla” with an underscore, and yours is “go rilla” with a space, but the forums show an underscore. So the wrong account was changed.

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Thank you, Vincent, that did it! My posts and profile now show the new username.