Changed start of game notification - hard to spot

I’ve noticed changes to the way how start of game notifications are displayed. I’m a Chrome user on Windows and Mac.

My whole browser used to ask for focus when a game started. Now it shows a notification only on the tab I have the game opened in.

My use case is that I put up a challenge and wait for a person to accept. This usually takes anything between 30s to 10 minutes. Usually 2 minutes. During this time I open new browser tabs or even switch to other apps.

Before the change my browser used to flash and I would navigate to the game. Now with the changes I very often just miss the start of the game and when I navigate to the tab I had a challenge up I see that the game has started and the opponent has already resigned the game because I left him hanging for a minute or two without a move.

Any chance of getting a browser level notification when a game has started? There is little value in a tab only notification as the only way how to see that is if you are in that tab. If you are anyways at that tab you can already see the board too :slight_smile: I would like something that catches my attention when I’m not on the correct tab!