Changing the name of an old account? [Resolved]

Hi! I recently picked up playing go after a 9~ year hiatus; I played a lot in high school with my friends, but once I started college I fell out of it. Recently, however, I reconnected with my old friend and joined a local go club, and made an account here to practice and play games in my free time. The name I usually use on MOST websites is ‘pitchflare’, but on attempting to use that name I learned that it’s already in use - unsurprisingly, by a user account that has been inactive for 9~ years. I don’t remember the password, and the email that I used at the time is no longer accessible.
I read in another topic that deleting accounts is not possible, but would it be possible to change that account’s name so I could use my normal username on this current account?

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I can swap the names over for you. Do you want capital or lowercase p on this acct?

Welcome back by the way :slightly_smiling_face:

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I went with lowercase since that’s what you stated above but happy to change it any time if you want


FYI, I believe account deletion is possible (recent change) although I haven’t tried it. But you’d need to log in first to do so.

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Yeah that’s true but as you said he’d need to login and he doesn’t know his PW, either way the name for that old acct. has been reset now.