Changing the rules setup

I can not find the place to set up the rules of a game. I am actually playing the Chinese rules as default again bots but I want to change into Japanese ones.

Currently, only Chinese rules are available for bot games. Many bots only support the Chinese rules, due to the complexity of life and death determination of the Japanese rules.


Thx for the reply

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Many bots do support Japanese rules though. The standard bot protocol for Go (GTP) contains commands to retrieve the bot’s idea of what stones are alive/dead, and for example KGS allows a bot operator to specify that their bot can handle Japanese rules and it works fine.

The complexity of life and death determination shouldn’t have much to do with whether OGS supports it or not - OGS wouldn’t need to do that determination! OGS on the server side would only need to offer an option for the bot to send stone life/death markings using presumably the same server-side logic that already exists for players sending life/death markings. Then the bot script can use that option. (And possibly the server could enforce a slight bit of logic about arguing the marking - KGS normally makes users unable to argue against the bot markings and this works fine 99+% of the time - bot authors are responsible for making the bot behave properly in as many cases as possible. But it also offers a config option for free games where the bot only sends its markings once and accepts any modifications the user wants thereafter.)