Chat added to finished game notification

I like notifications, they are helpful but this notification is very annoying for me. Is there any possibility to switch it off?


Personally, this is my favorite notification. I was thrilled when they added it - it lets me know when my opponents thank me for a game or have more to say afterwards. To be honest it didn’t even occur to me that it could be annoying for some people.

One thing I’ve been wondering - does this notification only pop up when opponents add chat to a finished game, or when anybody adds chat to your finished game? If the latter, then I would probably find it irritating too (I just haven’t experienced that yet).

@Epimedes I can’t seem to find an option in Settings for disabling this feature. I’d really expect to see it here, given the other chat notification-related settings there are:

Personally, I think it would be really cool to have a “notification bell”-type option in the sidebar of each game, that would default to being “on” for games you’re a part of, but that you can turn on for games you’d like to follow (even if you’re not a part of them). Kind of like with Facebook and Reddit (etc), how you default to subscribing to posts you’ve made, but you can click the notification bell to subscribe and get notified of changes/comments to other posts. Maybe it would look like this:


@smurph gave a demo of this working on other people’s games :joy:: Post-mortem chat notifications are annoying - #5 by Samraku


i think this reply on the other thread summarizes it. i personally don’t like it, it is very disturbing for me. if there would be a setting to switch it off completely, i’d gladly do it.


I don’t know the process here for feature requests.

It would be great to have a setting which enables/disables " Chat added to finished game" notification. @anoek , would that work?

alternatively, disabling chat added to finished game notifications completely would also do the trick.