Chat boxes and other UI elements unnecessarily cover things up

Some UI elements on the site, most importantly the chat boxes, can be quite intrusive. I realize one can simply close these elements, but I don’t like having to close one thing simply to access something unrelated below. All of these can be fixed by moving things up or down so they don’t overlap.

For instance. As you can see here, even when minimized, chat boxes make it very difficult to click on the in-game chat.

Also, in the game lobby chat boxes actually make it impossible to click on the chat input at all! I know that it requires a ridiculous number of chat boxes to cause this issue, but it is greatly worsened on mobile browsers as seen below.
The other intrusive element in the chat lobby is the tournament notifier which covers up the sort options for the player list in the upper right.

I know feature requests have been moved to uservoice, but this is more of a bug report I think. If you disagree please close this issue.