Chat not working, and I can't see online users in chat room and games

As you can see here, I can’t see anyone in chat room.

Also, when I send chat message to someone he apparently can’t see it. When i close chat box and open it again, message i sent disappears, like i never sent it. I know that chat messages get deleted after some time, but not after few seconds.

And I cant see any observers of any game, even when I am online I cant see myself.

Can this be fixed? I would appreciate any help or advice.

Hi Stooma. I have the same problem, thanks for showing them the printscreen.
It looks like some in game chat is working, but the rest not, zero users online. I had to send ‘mail’ to get contact with some players.
Note that i tried latest Chrome, Firefox older version and different computer, Win 7 and 8.

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Yeah this happens because of your country selection - we have a fix for it done, but waiting on some other fixes before we can push things up. For now change your country from a region to an actual country and it should work again. The fix should be pushed up by this weekend if not before, then you’ll be able to switch back to the region :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!

Yes it is working again. I’ll leave it on ‘Unspecified’ for now :slight_smile: Thanks.