Chat notifications bugs and weirdness

First of all, I noticed I get message “notifications” for channels I left (very rarely). See, Russian Group is not in the list of chats I’m in. Why I get notif about it?

Second of all, I get these “notifications” for messages I already watched.

See, 3 new messages in corr group:

Press it and we occur in chat of the group, message counter goes to zero.

Press home, click on one of my corr games, click on opponent profile, change the player id in address bar to 120344, press enter, boom, 3 messages again.

Hitting ctrl or shift +f5 doesn’t change anything.

I can reproduce it again and again, that’s why I managed to take screens.


I got two bugs at the same time

If I click Russian Group (chat I’m not in). I get blank chat page. And you can see on the left Russian Group is greyed out even tho it’s selected:

You get notified about it, because you are in the Russian Group. The notification uses a different following system.

You can leave a specific channel by clicking on “Leave Channel” in the dropdown behind the triangle icon.


You can deactivate the automatic subscription in your settings, and activate it for specific groups by using the follow, follow mentioned buttons.

I see there is some caching or updating bug, where the count on the icon gets out of sync. It should fix itself when you read any previously unread message.


I’ve written a fix for the blank chat

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