Chat Settings for Malkovich

First of all sorry for my english.

Could be possible to have in Settings → Chat Preferences

the folowing toggle/item

“Default Chat mode during own matches”

so i can select

Chat or Malkovich

and in this way i haven’t no worry about my writings during my matches.


You mean I’m not the only one who accidentally published my evil world board domination plans for the gleaming eyes of the opponent? :sweat_smile:

Didn’t think it was that hard to differentiate them myself :sweat_smile:


It can be easy to forget that you changed it.

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I guess I re-read over my messages so many times before sending them (assuming I don’t fat finger the enter key when I’m trying to type contracted words haha) that it’s hard to imagine not noticing the different background colour :man_shrugging:

Maybe it’s my attested AD(H)D, but I’ve had both: that I accidentally posted my private thoughts and variations publicly as well as that I posted a comment to the opponent that was meant to be seen during the game in the M log.

And yeah, of course I can distinguish “green” from “not green”, but it doesn’t matter, I have just as well also burnt food while the timer was beeping all the time :roll_eyes:


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